Flipping Fantastic Crêpes

Hello! I know that it’s a little late in the day, but in case you haven’t yet found a crêpe recipe for tonight, this is the one. It’s my all time favourite, and most importantly, it works every time! As for toppings, there are so many options. My favourite, and the one that I’ve shown here, has to be Cadbury’s Caramel Nibbles. They melt into the crêpe to make something even more dreamy than Nutella (in my opinion..). I also love blueberries, yoghurt and maple syrup. Give them a try and let me know what you think, or let me know your favourites!

Dad’s creation.. Yoghurt, blueberries, caramel nibbles, hazelnuts and maple syrup!

Makes about 15
125g plain flour
1tbsp caster sugar
a pinch of salt
3 eggs
250ml or so milk
45g melted butter


Start out by measuring and sifting the flour, sugar and salt into a large bowl, and then make this mix into a well by scraping it all to the sides of the bowl and leaving a hole in the centre.

pancakes 2pancakes 3

Next, add in the eggs and whisk them until they are completely mixed. Start to draw in the flour mix as you stir, until eventually you will be left with a paste.

pancakes 4pancakes 4.5pancakes 5pancakes 6

Constantly whisking, add the milk. You should end up with the consistency of single cream, so you may need a little more milk.

pancakes 7pancakes 8

When completely combined, cover with clingfilm and leave for about half an hour. You can make these the night before and leave them covered in the fridge overnight for an easy and impressive breakfast.

pancakes 9

When you’re ready to cook, melt the butter in a frying pan over a low heat, and then pour it into the crêpe batter, stirring constantly to avoid cooking the mix. This should leave a light coating of butter in the pan, perfect for cooking! Ladle some batter into the pan, moving the pan around to coat the entire surface. Add more if necessary.

pancakes 11pancakes 12

Leave the crêpe until it starts to go brown around the edges, and then with a spatula gently turn the crêpe. Leave it to cook for another few minutes checking for burning by practising your flipping skills! (My record is a 5x flip!)

pancakes 13

When it’s done, transfer to a plate for eating, or if you fancy, you can cook the filling inside – this is me cooking caramel heaven into my crêpe… Enjoy!

pancakes 14pancakes 15pancakes 16pancakes 17cover pancakesall gone



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