My Version of Greek Skordalia

Firstly I must apologise for my long absences – I have so many recipes that I want to share, but my kitchen facilities are sadly limited at the moment. However, I managed to do a bit of messing in a kitchen this weekend, so here’s a simple dip/snack that in my variation is more like a heavenly glorified mashed potato.

Skordalia cover
I love Greece and I have been lucky enough to visit several times, giving me to opportunity to see some amazing sites, swim in the beautiful sea and eat some awesome food. My go-to simple snack is inspired by a dish called Skordalia. It is incredibly easy to make, delicious, and can be eaten hot or cold. It’s perfect to make if you find you have left over potatoes after a meal, whether boiled, mashed, roasted or baked. Definitely a garlic-lover’s dream, and will certainly keep the vampires at bay! You can keep it in the fridge for about 3-4 days, or form patties out of any left overs and fry them for some delicious potato cakes.

(Makes a lot!)
1kg potatoes
1 head of garlic
100-200ml olive oil
A pinch of salt
A drop of lemon juice if needed

Start by preparing the garlic. I like to roast mine, as it takes away the harshness of the flavour, but you can just crush it. If roasting, chop the bottom off the head of garlic, splash it with a little oil and put it in an oven at 200c for about 25 minutes.

Done 1Done 2

Make sure you give it a poke every so often to check how soft it is inside – sometimes I’ve had it cooking super quickly and drying out, and sometimes it’s taken closer to an hour to cook.

Done 3Done 4
For the bulk, peel the potatoes (boring but worth the effort!) and then boil them in salted water until they are soft and fall apart when poked with a fork. You can chop them pretty small which will decrease cooking time (yay!).

Done 5Done 6
Drain off the water and pop them back in the pan, and mash until smooth-ish. Add the garlic and oil, and salt to taste, and then either continue mashing until smooth with a hand masher, or use a food processer to blitz and puree the delicious potato-y delight.
Done 7Done 8
Give it a taste, and if too garlicky, add a little lemon juice. If not garlicky enough…add more garlic!
And tada, it’s done. Told you it was simple! I added a little oil, sweet smoked paprika and cracked black pepper to the top of mine for appearance.

Done 9
My favourite way to eat this is with warm pitta bread or homemade flat breads. For these I use equal parts wholemeal flour and natural yoghurt and a pinch of salt, then stretch or roll them, and fry them in a little oil until puffed up and golden. (These are styled off of Jamie’s Jalapeno Breads, check them out as they are just delightful.)

Done 10Done 11Done 12Done 13Done 14Done 15
And there you have it! To make a simple mezze, you could add a white bean dip, hummus, tzatziki… There’s tons of lovely Greek dips that are simple to make. We had the skordalia and flatbread with a white bean dip and then fell into a delicious food coma..

Done 16

Enjoy a comforting touch of summer in this miserable cold!

P.S. Sorry for the dodgy photography – my phone was standing in for my camera. Thanks to the lovely Becky, who’s hands can be seen making the flatbreads!



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  1. Helen says:

    Looks amazing!


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