Perfect (and painless!) pumpkin treats

Halloween has once again come round, and if it’s taken you by surprise this is the perfect treat to make. Homemade and hand crafted, but no faffing around – what more could you ask for! These little pumpkins look awesome and are great to make with the kids. The hands featured here are those of my little cousin, Lily (4)! As she was doing all the work I got a little snap happy… Enjoy.

pumpkins 11pumpkins 12


10 Tunnock’s tea cakes
1 pack ready-to-roll orange icing
Writing icing (or anything else for decoration!)


First things first, split the icing in two and pop half into a large piece of cling film and roll it out. This will stop it sticking and makes it easier to manoeuvre! Make sure you roll it as thin as possible, otherwise the pumpkins will become overpoweringly sweet to eat.

pumpkins 1pumpkins 2

Next up, unwrap the tea cakes and place them on a flat board. Then uncover the top of the icing, and place this over the tea cakes in sets of two.

pumpkins 4pumpkins 5

Pull the other side of the cling film off, and then with a pair of scissors or a knife chop between the teacakes.

pumpkins 6pumpkins 7

Wrap the icing around the tea cakes and tear of any excess. Repeat until all the tea cakes are covered.

pumpkins 8pumpkins 9

Now you can decorate them! I liked to use green for the top of the pumpkin and then some yellow down the sides, but Lily’s designs were much more abstract and much more beautiful. Let your mind take you where you want!

pumpkins 10 pumpkins 11

Spooky, cheap and simple. Enjoy!

pumpkins 12


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