Thai food, anyone?

A little while ago my parents and brother came down to visit me, and we decided to try a Thai restaurant that I didn’t even know existed….and it completely blew me away! If you ever get the chance, I completely recommend Jasmine Thai. It was slightly pricey, but as a special occasion dinner it was so worth it.

We could hardly help ourselves before tucking right in…


Fire food

The ‘Weeping Tiger’ came to the table flaming


weeping tiger

The Weeping Tiger was delicious


all gone

We weren’t really that hungry…


deep fried ice cream

The ‘Hot Ice Cream Ball’ – essentially deep-fried ice cream


deep fried ice cream 2

Embracing my Scottish heritage


The dishes were all sublime, but the best had to be the Salmon Pae-Sa, which was steamed salmon slices with a ginger, lemongrass, galangal, chilli and lime leaf sauce… I would go back just for that!

I also loved (as always) the sticky rice with Thai Green Curry, and the chicken Phad Thai… I’m drooling slightly thinking about it all!

Big love,

The Woodland Girl


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