Love and banana cake

Dear wonderful people,

Whether you’re happily with someone, or like me, enjoying a glass on your own (because Saturday, right?!) I want to bestow on you all all the love I can; you deserve it.

My day was mainly filled with work (where I work has a 24 hour licence to serve alcohol, and serving beer when you’re still half asleep at 6am is interesting…) but my evening has consisted has mainly consisted of this:

mussels done

And it’s been wonderful! I think that sometimes it takes a day celebrating couples to realise that you really do enjoy your own company.

Now, I also managed to fit in making banana bread today, and I thought I’d share my favourite recipe for it – I can guarantee it is easy and delicious! I can’t promise it will bring you your true love, but it’ll remind you how much you love yourself once you’ve made it!!


4 bananas (as ripe as possible!)
2 (free-range!) eggs
90ml milk
1tsp vanilla extract (I like to use chefs’ strength vanilla paste – it’s got the seeds which look lovely)
110g salted butter
100g dark muscavado sugar
125g caster sugar
290g self raising flour


First of all, preheat the oven to 160c/320f/gas mark 3, and grease a loaf tin (I use 20cm x 12.5cm which I believe is 8in x 5in).

Next, mash the banana with the eggs, milk and vanilla extract.

bananas done
I used 5 bananas because I had a tiny one left over and I felt sorry for it… I didn’t change the recipe otherwise and it was still delicious.


I use a food processor for the next stages, so I’m not too worried about mashing it too perfectly – to be honest, it depends on how you like it, but I’ll come on to that later!

mashed done

Next, cream the butter and the sugars.

cream donecreamed done

And after that we are going to add the banana mix. This is where I add my 2 cents!

It might sound ridiculous, but I don’t actually like bananas apart from in banana cake when I love them…but I’m a strange person! So later when I mix in this banana mix I do it in the food processor to avoid lumps. But lots of people like lumpy banana bits – if you do, don’t over mash the banana mix, and beat the creamed butter and sugar into the banana mix using a wooden spoon (or a silicone spatula).

mix done

If you’ve mixed it in a food processor, at this stage move it into a bowl – this is mainly so that you can fold the flour in properly, but it also ensures that you collect any sugary deposits that have collected in the bottom. My food processor is a cheap Phillips one – and it’s great – but it has a tendency to collect butter and sugar in the bottom corners. By moving it into a bowl you can check that you haven’t lost any flavour.

bowl done

Next, you should use a metal spoon to fold the flour into the buttery banana-y  delicousness.

Finally, spoon the mixture into the loaf tin (it should come to about 2/3 full – you’ll be able to spot in my picture that the extra banana has slightly over filled my tin! More like 3/4 which isn’t ideal) and put it in the oven for about an hour – it’s hard to say exactly how long as it depends how you like it. Personally I like a bit of squish and it normally works out as about 53minutes, but each oven is a little different!

in tin done

This is one of the longest 53 minutes ever… But at about 50 minutes I put the kettle on so that when I’ve taken the cake out and let it cool slightly I can quickly make a cup of tea to have with it (or a glass of bubbly if you’re feeling so inclined!!)


It’s super easy to make, and while the wait it difficult, it’s so worth it!! Enjoy your love in a slice of squishy goodness. You deserve it.


Lots of love from The Woodland Girl


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